Regulator Marine Boat.  Our center console boat
Regulator Marine Boat. Our center console boat

E-Fishinsea Sport Fishing Charters operates a Regulator Marine boat, one of the finest center consoles ever made, hands down one of the best riding boats on the market, manufactured in North Carolina and designed and built to operate in the mid Atlantic waters.  Running fishing charters in Virginia Beach on this boat is truly a dream.

Our boat is maintained with an open checkbook and nothing is overlooked, when it comes to reliability, maintaining your boat is crucial for the safety of your clientele.

True length of our fishing charter boat is 32 feet and is powered by state of the art Yamaha F250 four strokes generating 500 horsepower.  On nice ocean days, our boat has an enormous advantage over the slower boats in the Virginia Beach fishing charters fleet, getting to the offshore fishing grounds almost an hour sooner than most boats, thus giving you more quality fishing time.  The boat is 100% functional and every single solitary thing on the boat works perfectly as expected, plenty of cooler space and equipped with an extremely clean bathroom.  Safety is our first priority when it comes to our customers and crew.  Your first impression of our boat is very important to us; therefore, cleanliness is of high importance to us.  We have a superior electronics package on our vessel.  The 48-mile radar unit allows us to avoid nasty storms and making morning runs in the dark a blessing.

When it comes to finding fish such as Cobia and Red drum on our near shore trip, our custom built tower comes in very handy and gives our boat a huge advantage over boats without one.  All Virginia Beach fishing charters should have one.

As no expenses were spared on our boat, it’s the same when it comes to the fishing equipment that’s used by our customers.  There’s nothing worse, in my opinion, than using dirt-cheap fishing gear.  Our gear is truly state of the art equipment, all our gear is extremely high dollar gear and I mean as high end as it gets and you get to use and experience the finest gear available on the market.

Gear brands we use are:

  • Daiwa Saltiga’s our supplier
  • Shimano Stella’s
  • Fin Nor
  • Synit rods (custom)
  • Black Hole Rods (custom) our supplier
  • Adhek Bali
  • Aftco
  • Hammerhead
  • Craft bait
Our new 35
Our new 35' Carolina Classic " WAYPOINT "

We are pleased to announce our second boat that we be operating.
It’s a 35’ Carolina Classic with an amazing Tuna tower.
This is riding in style and comfort and will suit our larger groups much better.

This boat was designed for the mid Atlantic ocean and is built to take on the big sea’s we often run into.  Our offshore and nearshore trips with a group of 6 will have plenty of room to mill about.

We look forward to having you all on our new boat.