Sept 28th King Mackerels

Today started off windy and ended windy but we managed a few flounder, throwback Black Sea Bass, Nice sized Bluefish on a wreck then we went trolling for the Kings about an hour went by then a Ballyhoo popped out of the rigger and reel gets smoked at the same time our short plug got smashed, double hook up on the Kings, Ballyhoo rod fish comes off but we boated the 37 Pounder. We got everything going again and went back near our previous hookup and WHAM short plug got smoked again, not as big as the first but still a citation King.

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Sept 22 2018

Today on the big boat we got into the marlins and albacore Tuna along with some Dolphinfish 

Looks like the aftermath of the storm has brought in some good waters

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Sept. 8th

Today we headed out of Rudee Inlet straight to the jetty and one cast net filled the livewell to the brim.  We then headed out to the shipping channel and started picking off Cobia, several were throw backs but the last few buoys held a few nice keepers to put in our box.

Once we had our Cobia limit we started trolling for King Mackerel and sure enough we boated 2 really nice ones and there was a ton of False albacore being caught as well
Great fishing now.

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Sept.7th Mahi

Today we set out looking for a wahoo with no avail but we did manage a limit of nice Mahi’s

They ended up with 6 1 gallon ziplocks full of pure meat

Good job guys

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Sept.4th Cobia

Today we set out Spanish Mackerel fishing but we saw tons of bait on the beach so we threw a castnet and filled our livewell up with live bait and headed out to find a Cobia and then do some Spanish Mackerel fishing at the end of the trip.

We caught a few small Cobia at first and ou the last buoy, we hooked into a nice keeper.

We then had about an hour left in the trip so we did some Spanish Mackerel fishing and caught several smalls along with some really nice keepers.
Thanks all, you did a great job today.

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Sept 2nd Blue Marlin

Today we were offshore at the Canyon with no bites for 3 hours and very few fish in our area being caught let alone bites in general, so I decided to leave the area and as we were crossing the Canyon our long rigger popped out and got smoked for a second, I rushed over and freespooled it, locked her down and reeled hard and the line came tight, right about then our our plong rigger popped out and just started screaming, low and behold, we had a double Blue Marlin hook up. We got them both to the boat and released in good shape.

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Sept. 1st Red Drum

We started out Cobia fishing this morning catching 3 nice throw back then we went to bump trolling live bunker and while trolling a huge school of Red Drum swam by us and we were able to hook into two of them.

If we would have had more time, we would have caught a King Mackerel to imop.

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Oct. 7th White Marlin

Oct 07, 2018 | by E-FishinSea Charters

OCT. 4th Huge King Mackerel

Oct 04, 2018 | by E-FishinSea Charters

OCT. 1st King Mackerels

Oct 01, 2018 | by E-FishinSea Charters

Sept 28th King Mackerels

Sep 28, 2018 | by E-FishinSea Charters

Sept 22 2018

Sep 22, 2018 | by E-FishinSea Charters



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